Ivy Brambles

Drop Spindle Redheart with Cherry Shaft

Whorl on this Drop Spindle in Redheart (Chakte Kok), an exotic hardwood from South America.

Our Spindles are made from the finest hand selected rare and exotic hardwoods and quality woods. All whorls are hand turned in the USA, finished on both sides, feature hand finished hardwood shafts, hand made nickel silver hook, and are hand polished to a fine lustre.

Whorl: Approx 2.5 - 2.75 inches (63-70 mm), Redheart Hardwood
Style: Top Whorl
Shaft: Cherry, approx 9 inches
Weight: Between 1 and 1.75 oz (25-50 grams)

Each piece is hand made and will vary from picture

Hand Turned and finished in the USA.

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